Puas banget sama hasil2nya, sesuai sama yang kita pengen, tone colour, capture style nya love it!! Meskipun sendiri, cuma helpful banget sampe bantu masangin baju dan kalung hahaha.. Ga sampe situ, hasil akhirnya jg dikemas oke bangett.. Oke dan rekomen banget!

Lenny & Maradu

"Dixie did an amazing job with our pre-wedding photos, and I consider her a friend. If you are ever in Indonesia, I highly suggest using her talents!"

Zahra & Jefray

We just want to let you know that we think our pre-wedding photos are beautiful! Your hard work and professionalism ensure that your clients felt comfortable through the day. Thank you so much for everything on the day, you kept it all running smoothly.

Saskya & Fadil

Dixie is always an inspiration for me in some ways. She is for me is about bravery, determination, focus, and so on. It is explicitly captured in all her photography. She can capture not only the pictures but also the moment. I had my maternity photo shoot with her. That moment was very special for me and my husband as it was for our first daughter. The way Dixie prepared everything from properties to support the maternity theme till the various type of lens for each moment meant a lot to me. Thank you Dixie! You are the best!

Zandra & Dito