Hi, I'm Dixie, the person behind this.

I started learning about photography as a way to help me document my life, and things I loved. While landscapes and architectures will always have a special place in my heart, through the years, I began to take pictures of moments I witnessed -- including humans interactions and emotions. Before long, my friends started asking me to capture their important events, and that's how it all began!

When taking photos of people, I really appreciate them for allowing me to have a peek at their life and special moment, and that's what I want to capture. I focus on the moments shared between people, things that are personal and intimate for them to look back at. I prefer to capture things simply and naturally -- rather than staging it heavily -- to create sincere imagery that you will cherish for a lifetime.

If you can associate with those things and you like my style of photography, please feel free to contact me at dixiethamrinphotography@gmail.com if you'd like to have a session. At the moment, I do engagement, maternity, and newborn sessions, but I'm open to try new things!